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> Windline: the wind of change in electrical connections

Quick coupling systems for wind power stations

Quick couplings reduce assembly and maintenance time and hence reduce the associated costs.

Quick couplings for power converter cooling systems
For centuries Stäubli couplings have been used for the cooling systems of power converters. Our customers benefit from this experience and use especially designed products for this application.

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Hydraulic couplings
Whether a hydraulic pitch system or the simple connection of hydraulic pipes, our comprehensive product line offers the appropriate quick connection!

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Multi coupling systems for automation
Stäubli connector systems guarantee a quick reliable connection of different material and electric connections. Examples of applications range from the cooling systems of rotor blades to the docking of driverless transport systems.

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Elecrical connectors for wind power stations

Multi-Contact’s wide range of products offers a number of electrical connectors and connector systems suitable for the use in wind power plants, e.g. in the product lines, Powerline, Slide-Inline, and CombiTacline.

Round connectors allow for easy contact between the wired wind engine segments on-site. Connectors from the Slide-Inline may be used in the switch gear to simplify maintenance processes.

The modular connector system CombiTacline may be employed in various parts of the windmill, from the switch case to the nacelle, depending on the combination.

CombiTac (Multi-Contact)

Multilam technology      (customizable innovation by MC)